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Vipin Chauhan


An enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneur who is well-versed with the ins and outs of how business is done, Vipin Chauhan is the CEO of justbuyall. With his years of rich experience at managing business for some of the most well-known and prestigious business houses all across the globe, Vipin currently holds the reigns of justbuyall and is commited to providing a platform to smartphone companies and buyers where honesty and transparency govern the system. Apart from his passion to excel in whatever he does, Vipin is renowned for his strong business ethics too. His exceptional ability to lead an entire team towards a specific goal has earned him much repute.


Niraj Kumar Sisodia


A man not just with a vision but also with a strategy to realize that vision, Niraj Kumar Sisodia, the CEO of justbuyall, is the brain behind the excellent sale and distribution strategy of justbuyall. A brilliant strategist, Niraj has worked for some of the top-notch business brands and has taken their businesses to roaring heights under his able guidance. Given Niraj’s business strategy, justbuyall has been and is constantly excelling in the segment. His able leadership, along with his ability to drive his entire team towards the realization of the goal make him what he is today.


Maneesh Sisodia


Justbuyall is partly the brainchild of Maneesh Sisodia, who initially conceived the notion of founding an effective platform where all the shortcomings and inefficacies of the present system of smartphone sales can be put to rest. Maneesh, the co-founder of justbuyall, envisioned of establishing a business model where demand meets supply and with the establishment of justbuyall, Maneesh’s vision seems to be working quite effectively. Maneesh’s belief in doing everything to the fullest to achieve some of the most difficult goals has helped justbuyall persevere towards success even in the face of a thousand obstacles.